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MINS AMPOULE BOOSTER 安瓶精华 bundle3(3Days + 3Night)

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Mins 安瓶让我们的皮肤立即看起来更光滑和水润只需使用一次就能改善并缓解皮肤状况。
Mins ampoules allow our skin immediately looks smoother and hydrated with just a single-use. Ampoules support skin integrity, enhance its appearance and relieve skin conditions. With added nicotinamide can achieve overall skin fairer effect!

Zero added Chemical Preservatives, Fragrance-Free, No Fluorescent whitening agent, No Colouring, Alcohol-Free, and Mercury Free

使用 Mins Ampoule 的步骤  Step to use Mins Ampoule:
Step 1
:摇动安瓶  Shake the ampoule
Step 2
:插入安瓶开瓶器  Insert ampoule opener
Step 3
:按下开瓶器的头部  Press the head of the opener
Step 4
:取下安瓶头  Remove the ampoule head
Step 5
:固定滴管  Secure the dropper
Step 6
:涂抹于面部并按摩  Apply and massage on face